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Caravane x Le Tigre

The Caravane and Tigre Yoga Club collaboration—a sweet partnership between two maisons that reflects our desire to inspire a Yoga practice that is peacefull full and harmonious.

Yoga as a way of life

A bolster, a yoga mat bag and a meditation cushion: each piece is unique and each and every detail was carefully considered:

  • The bolster is filled with organic buckwheat husks that will gently mould to the shape of your body. Block-printed by hand, the cotton canvas cover of the bolster features Caravane’s iconic shimmering plant motifs. With its removable cover and generous handle, this nomadic bolster was designed to be easily transported.
  • The bag was especially designed to hold your yoga mat. The refreshing and precious light cotton fabric was block-printed by hand. A functional accessory of subtle details, with its generous opening and beautiful handle, this is the perfect item to carry everywhere and anywhere.
  • Filled with buckwheat husks, the meditation cushion moulds gently to the shape of your body. The ultimate ergonomic accessory, the round silhouette of the design is ensconced in a light cotton canvas fabric, which was block-printed by hand. With its generous and beautiful handle and removable cover, this nomadic cushion was designed to wander.



A destined encounter: two maisons, one shared energy

This collaboration was driven by the commitment of two passionate women: Véronique Piedeleu, a yoga enthusiast and director at Caravane, and Elodie Garamon, the brains behind Tigre Yoga.


Veronique and Elodie first met at Tigre Chaillot.


The shared life philosophy of these two women inspired them to create a collection that celebrates their passion for yoga.

‘Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.’ Swami Sivananda

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