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Like an oasis

Like a great inspiration in the middle of the desert, like the magic of the wind in the branches, like a mirage that becomes reality...

The new Oasis collection creates magic where we least expect it.

Throughout these new creations reigns a serene and airy atmosphere, which opens up the field of possibilities and breathes new life into them. A popular halt to leave loaded with images and poetry. 

For this, we have used a combination of natural materials such as natural fibres, eucalyptus or even clay and colors deeply rooted in Nature: like an oasis in the middle of the desert, an invigorating green appears on beige tones that echos the sand…


As a common thread, the palm pattern irrigates the collection, and unfolds its majestic branches on a range of exceptional tableware made and painted by hand in Egypt. Symbol of life, it springs
here and there in your interior in its almost naive and deliciously addictive splendour.

As always, particular attention has been paid to craftsmanship. Braided rope furniture, carefully assembled plant fibers, hand-painted pieces... Everywhere, an apparent refined simplicity hides hours of meticulous work that makes each piece exceptional. An entry into light for a beautiful interior.


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