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Caravane X Umberto Pasti

Some would have said Rohuna is a hostile, wild, inhospitable place. But not Umberto Pasti.

The secret garden of Rohuna

When he first came to this small north Moroccan village perched on a windy cliff twenty years ago, he instantly fell in love with it. So in love that he decided to create a garden here, a magical garden full of plants that were going extinct in Morocco. 


Today, Rohuna is still perched on this windy cliff above the ocean, that hasn’t changed. Except that now, you can hear the wind in the branches, and birds singing among the flowers. You can also hear the laughter of the villagers who all know Umberto and help him with his unique project. As Rohuna’s cliffs hide a priceless treasure : arbutus branches.

Indeed, these precious branches are gleaned in Umberto’s garden, never sawn, in order to respect Nature’s plan. And then, they are used to create furniture. Umberto, with his creative and poetical mind, imagines them. And Najim, a talented carpenter that Umberto took under his wing when he arrived, makes them come to life.

Each of the unique branches has its own song, its own silhouette, its own knots, and all of these particularities are taken into account when it comes to designing the furniture. Armchairs, benches, chairs, sofas… Are thus an ode to Nature untamed and respected.

The pieces are polished, sanded and put together by hand, in the old-fashioned way, and take at least three days to be finished. Each time unique, as real pieces of art that will last a lifetime, they’re born under the sun of Morocco… And yet, perfectly fit in an urban flat or countryside home. 


Here’s why we’re particularly proud of this collaboration with Umberto Pasti. Together, we’ve created hitherto unseen pieces, and recreated some of our iconic furniture, like the Divan Princesse.

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