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Care tips for steel furniture

A material that is both raw and precious at the same time...Here is all that you need to know avout how to take care of your steel furniture from Caravane

Ca r avane's items of steel furniture are the fruit of meticulous craftwork, made in France by master blacksmiths. The metal is in a totally raw state, without paint or varnish. Each detail bears witness to unique craftsmanship: the welding spots – deliberately left visible, the delicately irregular appearance of the metal and the variations of colour that characterize each item of furniture. 


Cleaning and care
The use of detergents or window cleaning products is strictly prohibited. 

To care for these unique items, we recommend the use of the same products as for wood, i.e. colourless oil or floor wax (a blend of colourless wax and turpentine). 

Used once a week, these products remove finger prints and any other tiny blemishes while also performing a protective role.

Preventing stains 
Any liquids spilled onto steel furniture must be wiped off immediately in order to prevent any risk of staining.
If steel furniture should become stained, clean with a lubricant product (e.g. WD-40).

Raw steel is a living material
Your raw steel furniture items will change and evolve over time. This is a perfectly natural process and you should accept and indeed embrace such natural hallmarks that embody the charm of this noble material and display the authenticity of true craftsmanship

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