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Caring for your Caravane sofa

A unique furniture item of exceptional quality, instilled with its very own life force and designed to give you many long years of service, your sofa has been made to measure by our master upholsterers. 

To ensure that the natural fibres look their best and to avoid the use of chemical treatments, our fabrics are not stain-resistant.

Caring for these natural materials therefore requires a number of precautions:

Loose cover sofa

All fabrics (linen, cotton, hemp,…) are liable to shrink when washed. 

We therefore recommend that you opt for dry cleaning. However, if you decide not to go along with this advice, please follow these 3 golden rules:

  1. Do a test wash first with a cushion cover (30°C maximum with a mild bleach-free detergent), taking care to measure it before and afterwards in order to check for signs of shrinkage.
  2. Use a machine with an extra-large drum, such as those found in a launderette.
  3. Linen is an extremely moisture-sensitive fabric and its dimensions can vary according   to the amount of moisture that it contains. After washing a linen sofa cover, do not allow it to dry completely; put it back on the sofa while still slightly damp so as to allow it to retain its shape and form.

Fixed cover sofa

The cushions and the main structure are separate and must be dealt with accordingly:

  • For the cushions (with loose covers), dry-cleaning is strongly recommended.
  • Warning!  If the main structure is not cleaned at the same time, you may begin to notice slight colour differences from the cushions. For this reason we strongly recommend hiring the services of a specialist in-home cleaning firm.

Velvet sofa

Velvet is a fabric that may take on a slight sheen or show light markings; use a multi-surface active foam product (e.g. Primamousse) in order to revive the pile of the fabric and clean away any stains or marks.

Feathers - specific instructions

A foam base topped with feathers (70% feathers and 30% fibres for seating cushions) or a totally feather-filled ensemble … whatever your choice of model, please bear in mind that feathers must be allowed to breathe, otherwise they will stiffen and become uncomfortable. 

  • Cushions must be removed from the sofa and vigorously shaken and plumped up 2 or 3 times a week. Or, if this is too much violence for you, raise your arm as high as possible and drop the cushion onto the floor several times. Excellent results for a minimum amount of energy consumption!
  • Seating cushions must be placed on their side and beaten, taking care to bring the feathers back to the centre.
  • The covers of overlying quilts (e.g. on the Adar model) can be removed for cleaning. Carefully separate each of the press studs so as not to damage the fabric or the seams – do not pull on the fabric. And to ensure that it always looks and feels good, don't hesitate to give it a daily shake.   

Do not use a vacuum cleaner

Feathers that are sucked towards the nozzle may pierce the down-retaining percale, or even the outer fabric casing. To remove dust, use the brush provided in the care casket.

If your sofa has travelled some way…

It may have taken on a different appearance; the seating cushions may seem rounder for example. They simply need to be used for a while to take on their final shape. Our only recommendation therefore is to curl up as often as possible on your sofa! 

If the sofa has a loose cover, this may have moved slightly during transit. Simply readjust its position on the angles of the sofa to put it back in place.

A small casket to treasure with care

This pretty little box contains a number of essential items: 

  • A sample of the fabric used for your sofa: ideal for spot repairs or burns or to take with you when shopping for items to mix and match with your sofa.
  • A specially-adapted brush: made of natural rubber, ideal for removing fluff, animal hairs and dust.
  • For sofas with buttoned seat cushions and overlying quilts, a set of spare buttons is also provided to replace any lost or damaged items.

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