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Convertible sofas

Combining pleasure and practicality

The sofa is one of the key pieces of Caravane - and this, since the beginning of the brand. Over the years we have distinguished ourselves by our unique range of colors, patterns and silhouettes. And if there is one thing we love about our sofas, it is that they are not just furniture, but companions in your life.

In the center of the living room, ready to welcome laughter, trips through the pages, aperitifs and Sunday movies, the sofa is a member of the family that lives with you.

This is why making it an even more precious ally seemed like an evidence - so we developed a range of convertible sofas. After years of hard work, we are proud to have developed models that retain the signature silhouette of Caravane, while providing unparalleled comfort - a feature unfortunately often too rare in convertibles.


Our two models are true exceptions.

The 3-fold convertible, on one hand, has a clever mechanism hidden in its structure so as not to distort the Caravane spirit. Its seat has been studied to ensure an optimal comfort, while being a comfortable extra bed. Its mattress mixes two foams: a High Resilience 35kg foam for support, and a layer of memory foam for a soft welcome. It also has a solid beech wood slatted base.

The side-opening convertible, one the other hand, has nothing to be shy about. It allows to save considerable space when it unfolds - with a disconcerting ease, thanks to its handles and its custom opening system that accompanies the movement.

It has the comfort of a real bed, and can even be used as a permanent bed thanks to its mattress in memory foam of 12 cm, standard dimensions of bed (160x200cm). Its metal mesh frame is independent and has exceptional spring suspensions to ensure the comfort of a small cloud, during the day - and at night for sweet dreams.


For both models, a protective comforter covers the opening mechanism and isolates it from the fabric, to protect the sofa cover and limit friction. The result? A quality finish, emblematic of Caravane.

They are both manufactured in Europe in a superior quality process.

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