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Curtains: the ultimate in window dressing

The first step in choosing a pair of curtains is to take a close look at the material so as to get a sense of its density or texture. Next, run your fingertips over the fabric to appreciate the softness of the fibre and the fineness of the weave. Last but nos least, hold it up to the light to reveal its noble and sensual relief.

Our curtains are ready to hang: the length can be adjusted by folding over the top and attaching a set of curtain rings fitted with clips.

A richly suprising collection, with curtains to match every desire: 

• Poetic Feuillage

• Ethereal and frivolous Hava

• Maya, with its generous bourdon edge stitching that boldly sets off 11 different shades of linen

• Ashoka subtle cotton khadi

• Linen once again with the easy-going Selena and Fil à Fil collections

• Sivi, soft cotton voile with a contrasting coloured border

• Lana, the crumpled softness of washed linen


Ranging from a thin, light veil to a gorgeously crisp thickness, from the lightest of shades to the most dense and eclipsing...cotton khadi, cotton-linen mix, wild linen or hemp...immaculate whiteness or deep, rich colours...little fringes here, contrasting edge stitching there...so much to choose frol - it's your curtain call!

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