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Must-have Holi

Holi is the name of the Indian Festival of Colours. As a tribute to this unique event that makes joy sparkle and pigments shine, we gave this name to our range of essential furniture for a bright and warm interior.

The sofa

So HOLI is thus the name of our iconic sofa, our signature armchair, our enveloping headboard and bed skirt, and our latest Love Seat to snuggle in.

Everyday companions who live up to their name: available in a palette of 60 washed linen colours, the members of the HOLI family are all about beautiful shades. And as in a real family, each one has its own unique character.


The SOfa

The sofa, knows how to make an entrance with its generous dimensions, its comfortable depth, its firm but welcoming seat and its soft cushions.

The armchair and the loveseat

The armchair, on the other hand, is more versatile, and will be suitable in a bedroom as in the living room, as a duo or alone.

The Love Seat, mischievous and adorable, is the dream companion for evenings huddled together ...

The headboard

The headboard and the bed skirt, inseparable tandem, bring that little “je ne sais quoi” to the bedroom that will make you wish for every day to be a Sunday morning ...

Made to order by French upholsterers, these are demanding pieces in quality and appearance, which you never get tired of and which last a long time.
And if you ever want to reinvent them from time to time, you can change their linen cover from time to time : the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a summer set and a winter set ...

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