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Houndstooth Chic

Forever timeless, always luxurious, with the Pied-de-poule, a black-and-white houndstooth design becomes iconic. The hypnotic cotton Khadi sets a muted rhythm.

The fine weave exalts the beauty of the fabric

With the subtle irregularities unique to fabrics that have been spun and woven by hand, this houndstooth fabric is both charmingly spontaneous and softly textured.

A play of contrasts, an invitation to create new harmonies

The houndstooth design is perfect, whatever its form : 

- As a plaid throw, it will highlight a bed or cloak an armchair with its magnetic aura;

- As a cushion, it will add vibrancy to any room with its cosy contemporaneity; 

- As a sofa cover, it is poetic, magnifying colours and adding an extra element of comfort;

- A a clutch, it exemplifies all the discreet charm of elegance; and

- As a notebook, it will hide your secrets, all there in black and white. 

The unique checked pattern echoes with an eternal combination of simplicity and effortlessness. 


" White is often a black hiding a black and black is something a white that has been found out" Romain Gary

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