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The Ikat fabric: a tale woven from tradition

Whether as a sofa cover or cushion cover, with its fresh colours and traditional motif, our Ikat fabric looks enchanting in any setting. Resolutely modern and exceptionally crafted, the magical motif was created using a weaving technique passed down from generation to generation.

A unique motif

The ikat is as beautiful as it is complex.

A unique weaving process was used to create the small vibrations in the fabric that make the design so captivating. Using an iconic savoir-faire from India, rather than applying a set pattern to the fabric, the artisan first dyes the yarn of the warp and the weft before beginning to weave the fabric on the loom. The smaller the motif, the greater the care and concentration required.


Such exacting and meticulous work represents a challenge for the artisan on three levels. First, in the dyeing, then, in the mounting of the warp, and finally, in the hand weaving, which is where the motif is slowly revealed. Each piece is both surprising and unique. Herein lies the precocity of this round and charming motif, which is each time the same and each time different, to paraphrase Verlaine ...

A cosy atmosphere

At Caravane, we see the Ikat as a ray of sunshine that will add warmth to any interior: on sofa covers, it beckons to you to curl up; on plump cushions, it invites you to relax and recline  ...

The unique motif and the watercolour-like hues will make your mind wander to lands far and near, while the soft materials are synonymous with comfort. Perfect for creating different atmospheres in your living room, our reversible sofa cover features one side in woven Ikat and the other in velvet. While our cushions display the woven Ikat on both sides.


‘The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’ Marcel Proust

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