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Limalaya Collection

Informal, clean and uncluttered, LIMALAYA, the very latest collection from Caravane, is a dream for those who love to customize.

Fun, playful and of varying shapes & sizes, LIMALAYA adapts itself to any time of the day, to any interior and indeed to any type of room. The light and contemporary lines, enhanced by a delicate signature Bourdon stitch, make it possible to play and compose at will - the possibilities are endless!

Low chair, bench seat with or without a back, corner chair or footstool: face-to-face, side-by-side, in a row, grouped into a square, juxtaposed or back-to-back… it's entirely up to you, as the LIMALAYA collection lends itself effortlessly to every imaginable exercise in style. 
Majestic and imposing in a cathedral-style living room, warm and convivial for a cosy evening with friends, LIMALAYA also knows how to play a discreet role in a bedroom or as a soft option in a reading corner. 

Once the base modules have been chosen, colours, textures and materials are added at will before the final touch is added: a wide range of Bourdon stitch colours which, by means of subtle shades or delicate contrasts, bring each composition to a magnificent and inordinately brilliant conclusion!

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