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Dear Morocco...

Let’s face it : you’re our first love.

25 years that Caravane exists, and you’ve never ceased to inspire us. 
We would even confess that it’s thanks to you and your powerful creativity that Caravane’s journey began. 
From your bright colours to the smell of your sun warming the earth, the memory of you will never leave us. And honestly, we think it’s something you can tell just by looking at our collections. 


We’ve roamed your lively streets, discovered your souks, stroked your traditional rug. The blue of your sky, the famous tamegroute green and the red terracotta taught us what colours should look like. We’ve met your talented artists and craftsmen (and most of the time they’re the same), learnt their techniques, listened to their lessons and admired their creations. 
And why are these creations so special to us ?
They’re objects, of course, but also emotions. Here, a vase reminds us of feminine curves. There, a tree branch looks like an arabesque. And here, some red clay pays tribute to ancestral patterns… 

More importantly, you’ve taught us what it’s like to have high standards. Thanks to you we keep looking for the smallest yet most talented artist, we pride ourselves in never yielding to the easiest way of doing things, we never stop wanting to improve ourselves, we listen to Nature instead of controlling her. 
For all these reasons, Morocco, we are so proud to dedicate our anniversary collection to you and all the life lessons you gave us. We owe you so much. Thank you. 

The Caravane team


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