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Raffia, with a dash of panache

Raffia is one of our favorite materials at Caravane : its rustic finesse and its handling ability prove how amazing of a natural product it is.

Bendy and colourful, raffia is an invitation to let the spirit wander through the braiding of its fibers. Sometimes tight, sometimes airy, its braids indeed intertwine in a work of art that is each time unique, thanks to the delicate work of the artisans of Madagascar : the shades and texture always look different to create a seizing work of art. 
But what is even more dazzling with our Rabane lights is this striking fringe, the very embodiment of panache, that was deliberately left there to be admired. Why ? Some would say the fringe is like an open bracket instead of a final dot at the end of a masterpiece, that wants us to stay inspired. Others would say it’s some kind of nonchalance that highlights NAOMI and KURO’s beauty. 

But, in the end, the conclusion stays the same : unexpected and smashing, our Rabane lights have a knack for enhancing your home

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