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Summer vibes and a "Princesse à Paris"

Some pieces how to reinvent themselves, season after season. The essential "Princesse à Paris" divan dos just this. An acidic re-issue a new colourama, with the feel of summer. 

Refreshingly whimsical

In addition to a wickerwork in the classic shades of Black, Ivory and Natural, a version is now also available in three sweetly acidic hues: Turmeric, Almond and Natural.

A combination of rattan splints and raucord fibres, the base of the Princesse divan has been expertly woven by hand.

A story of wickerwork

Made by Maison Drucker, the "art of rattan" is one of tradition and savoir-faire: it is this inimitable wickerwork that appears in the furniture that graces the terraces and bars of Paris. 

This craft has been revisited today in a unique piece of furniture: a frame of clean lines, a simple and inviting seat.


Effortlessness & indolence

Atop the base, sits a stack of three comfortable mattresses, each of which can be covered in you choice of Caravane fabrics. A dazzling trio, uniquely harmonious. The Princesse is sometimes insolent, other times indolent, but always charming.

This true Parisien darling moves about with ease: cosily ensconced on a sheltered patio, warmly awaiting in an entrance, discreetly tucked in the corner of a room, daringly displayed in a living room... with the addition of three new shades, the Princesse is now summer-ready.

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