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The Art of Glass Blowing

From the Hera glassware that transforms table settings to the Drio ceiling lights that grace ceilings, all of the pieces in Caravane's recycled glass collections have been handblown by master artisans. Expertly crafted, the unique round bubbles that feature in each piece are a testament to truc artisanal savoir-faire. Each piece tells the story of a dance with fire.

A living material

The glass is first placed in a furnace, which has been heated to 1300°C, until it melts. Hypnotic, the molten glass is transparent and both rigid and liquid at once. 

Using a blowpipe, the glassblower then gathers the molten glass, and begins to shape it on a flat surface.

Next, with a short puff, the artisan creates the first bubble at the centre, and the molten glass slowly expands. 

Then, blowing continuously, the glassblower works patiently with the material to create the desired volume.



An exquisite choreography, step by step

The glass must then be stretched and worked until the object begins to take shape. 

To give each piece its desired silhouette, the glassblower uses a mould to further refine the contours. 

An alternate process of heating and cooling the materials is then used to cut the edges and create a harmoniously nuanced design.

Pieces of artisanal craftsmanship for the everyday

It is through this process that a hand-blown glass or carafe, ceiling light or lamp comes to tell precious story: a testament to exceptional savoir-faire, a meticulous and agile word, an art form passed down from master artisan to master artisan. 



An exquisite dance with fire, this magical art form has been passed down through the centuries, so that it can now, at last, reach your home.

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