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The Limalaya: A truly versatile sofa

Casual yet refined, the Limalaya collection has every angle covered

Casual yet refined, the Limalaya collection has every angle covered

Available in a selection configurations (a low chair, a bench seat with or without a back, and ottoman...) the Limalaya was designed to be adaptable. Today, the Limalaya collection welcomes a new addition: a one-piece sofa, available in three sizes (220cm, 240cm and 260cm).


Choose everything, from the model to the textures and materials

The Caravane exclusive inventory offers endless upholstery possibilities - choose from a vibrant colour palette and a range of refined materials. The only difficult decision: which bespoke combination to select! With the Limalaya, every choice is yours, right down to the shade of the delicate bourdon stitch that provides the perfect contrast to the fabric.

The Limalaya is at home anywhere

Stately and impressive as the focal point of a lounge room, comfy and inviting for an evening at home with friends, the Limalaya is also perfect in a sweet and cosy bedroom or tucked away in a corner to create the perfect reading spot. 

A versatile sofa that knows no bounds.

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