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Once upon a time


A rumpled bed on a summer morning, a sofa that has seen the family grow, a light filtered by a lavish curtain, a beautiful handcrafted ceramic plate gifted at Christmas, a quilt evocative of sweet childhood memories, an irreplaceable cushion made more resplendent with the patina of its years ...

Such tales are at the heart of the CARAVANE story - a poetical and intimate story, without borders and without limits.


A series of fortunate encounters

The story of Caravane first began in 1995 when a new concept of decoration was invented. As Véronique Piedeleu—who, together with her husband, Jack-Eric, has been at the helm of Caravane since 2011—recounts, ‘Françoise Dorget created a strong style, one that continues to this day.

Since then, the Caravane house has broadened its horizons even further. Each and every destination was discovered following a chance encounter or an intuitive hunch.

This true family story has been made even stronger with the addition of Capucine Piedeleu, the daughter of Véronique and Jack-Eric, who adds freshness and vibrancy to the brand while ensuring it remains true to its roots.

With each encounter, the team continues to grow, as it fosters the great talent and rare savoir-faire that guides every creation down to the very last detail—from conception to completion, from the lighting in our boutiques to the arrival of carefully selected pieces at your home.

Today, "the journey is ever present". 

"A singular poetry, in the Prévert-style: disconcerting" Véronique Piedeleu

Time to weave a story

Caravane creates gateways to different worlds, it allows traditions from faraway lands to travel to your doorstep and be welcomed into your home. Untraveled paths remain our roadmaps—travel inspires our every collection, the Caravane essentials, our creative capsules and the rare gems that we source from the four corners of the world.

It is in this same way that the Caravane house made its way to London, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux and Copenhagen ... and always in the same image of the very first boutique located in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris, the wondrous discovery that Véronique first marvelled at more than 20 years ago.


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