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Our creative engagement

Be spirited away on a treasure hunt with Caravane. Our promise to you? To preserve rare savoir-faire and precious expressions of culture.

An inspired approach

Caravane’s wish is to be a window to the world. This ethical approach seeks to preserve savoir-faire, a treasure trove of traditions. Imagine a world in which everything was mass-produced by machines … At Caravane, we delight in the joy of wonder. Indeed, it is an essential element of our philosophy.

Nothing except beautiful materials, full of personality, that nourish the heart and soul.

Each object tells a story …

... each piece is marked by the hand of the artisan who crafted it. More than humanistic and respectful, Caravane’s approach represents not only our contribution, but our conviction of the importance of highlighting exceptional savoir-faire … true testimonials to the diversity of different cultures.


"No diktat, no imposed style. Our designs are a reflection of research that focuses on a simple and authentic aesthetic and that evokes singular and intimate emotions" Véronique Piedeleu

Simply taking the time

A loyalty towards artisans, mingled with a daring audacity—this is Caravane’s guiding principal. It gives meaning to everything. And it is this that allows Caravane to continuously reinvent itself, to pursue its insatiable curiosity, in complete serenity.

Because each collection remains simple and authentic, anything can be dared.



One common thread: excellence

From off the beaten path, unlikely styles and decorative objects spontaneously combine, subtly revealing the brand's pursuit of excellence.

Each collection hides its own charming secrets and leaves its mark. Like a symbol, each creation is truly unique and resonates with its own vibrations, marching to the beat of its own drum.

This is the magic of our soulful creations.

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