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Vegetal memory

Because this new collection celebrates sunshine, Caravane takes inspiration from what makes spring so magical: Nature and its renewal.

In an abundance of natural fibers and plant inspiration, this collection pays tribute to this Nature that we all need. What the earth gives us, we do something with it: from roots to emotions, from harvest to inspiration, from plants to crafts, an essential link is created.


More than ever, the momentum towards the great outdoors and the open sky nourishes our imaginations and souls. The walls vanish, the cocoons unfold, the windows open and the light shines.

Sunlight, which we find over the plant fibers braided under the sun and in colors that illuminate the interior: a cheeky and radiant yellow which brings the sun into every corner of his house to soothe the soul and make the senses travel.


Like a soft sunbeam stroking your face and the music of the wind dancing in the trees, this collection is intended as an ode to the serenity that Nature inspires us.

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